Look Ma! I Grew This!

We Grew This! 7/21/11
Slicing up our first tomato from our container garden. Yippee!

Watch my first garden grow up:
July 13
June 20
May 11
March 15- I got Amy to come on as a gardening guest blogger. My secret personal motive was to learn from her experience and work up the courage to try a garden myself.


  1. Yay! I guess all of that insane heat in Charlotte was at least good for something! I've gotten a few Roma tomatoes so far, but the big ones are still green. I do have cucumbers coming out of my ears though!

  2. ah, roma tomatoes. I bet they're good when they're fresh. I'm going to put that on the list for next summer.

    I'll gladly take some of your cucumbers off your hands...can those be sent in the mail? :)