Beginnings of Our Container Garden

Our Container Garden 5/11/11

I should probably call this "Dan's Container Garden" because he planted it while I was preparing for my craft show last weekend. I contributed a little by dumping the candy out of an aqua easter bucket we had and drilling holes in the bottom so he could use it to plant the Jalapenos. There are also Tomatoes, Tarragon and Basil working to take root in our back yard containers this week.

Our Container Garden 5/11/11

Our Container Garden 5/11/11

Garden DRAMA!
The maintenance guy at our apartment already informed us that we "cheated" by buying the plants already started. I think he was a little jealous of the greenery because he told us that his own jalapeno seedlings were still working to sprout up. When I told him it was our first garden and we bought the plants already started he felt some relief and then in a condescending tone he said "Well, starting from seeds is just how I prefer to do it." SNAP!

Our <br />Container Garden 5/11/11


  1. SNAP! That maintenance guy sounds like a little bit of a garden snob. I would know! I just got my stuff in the ground last week but thanks to my job haven't had time to post about it yet... Your plants look great. Keep me posted on how it's going!

  2. Amy-

    Reading your blog and seeing the work that goes into nurturing the seedlings, I guess I could see that it's an insult when someone like me comes along and just buys a whole plant! But you have to crawl before you can walk, right?

    We're wondering if the tomatoes will have enough room in that box, but we will see!

    Let me know how yours are doing too...hopefully once school lets out you'll have more time to work on it.