Tomatoes are Turning

tomatoes,ripening,stitch machineWe noticed a little color when we watered the plants yesterday, and now there's even more. Another day or two and they should be ready to eat!

tomatoes,ripening,stitch machine The temperature has been over 100 degrees this week, so we've been trying to keep the plants watered as much as we can. Some days the leaves look more sad than others, but we're doing our best. My mom told me that container plants are like having indoor dogs- the only water they're going to get is what you put in their bowl.

tomatoes,ripening,stitch machine
This guy's lagging behind, but he'll catch up soon!

tomatoes,ripening,stitch machine
Can't wait to try one!


  1. Nice 'maters! What kinds are you growing? I have lots of different ones...11 plants total! I think I went a little overboard! Mine just started coming in this week. How is everything else going in your garden?

  2. All I know is that they are heirloom tomatoes, but I'll ask Dan. You're going to be making a lot of spaghetti soon! We'd be glad to take some off your hands :) :)

    The jalapeƱos are doing really well- we had some with our tacos the other night. They are more mild than the ones we've bought at the grocery store, but that's fine with us, because we can put more on each taco! The basil is growing like crazy, but I'm not sure if the tarragon made it- it looks a little sick.

    What about the rest of your garden?