A Pretty Package

Stitch Machine Package 6/30/11

This sweet little package was just bought in my Etsy shop and is on its way to Utah right now. The frayed linen bow shown here is just an example of what's tied up inside of the cream handmade box. I included some wee freebies and a note too. I love putting these little packages together, because each one is unique- it all depends on the season, the packaging materials I have on hand and whatever happens to be in my freebie bin at the time an order is placed. Each package is different, but each one is beautiful & special!

I just had to share, but I hope the buyer doesn't see this post before she receives her parcel- surprises are always more fun!

Freebie Bin
If you are a maker or blogger and have any small freebies, business cards, or coupons that you'd like to add to my freebie bin to be included in packages I ship out, please get in touch with me at

The freebie print seen here was carved by Super Me at a Crown Town Handmade Make-Out, and the vintage calling card belongs to johnny woodie.


  1. That's actually a really clever idea (the freebies bin). I've taken misprinted cards and turned them into thank you cards to send out with my orders.

  2. A perfect use for them. I think misprinted cards still have some charm!

    You've been a busy bee on your blog and in your shop! Are you still barista-ing?