Current Obsession: Rit Dye Website

Rit Dye  6/29/11
Just one feature on the Rit Dye website that I'm loving right now: this super cute interactive timeline of how Rit has been used throughout the century.

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of dye. Remember this and this and this? It's such an inexpensive & easy way to give new life to any tired garment. Depending on your mood and personality, the process can be an exact science, or you can put an artistic spin on it and surprise yourself with the results.

I've been using Rit Dye for years (at this very moment there are around 15 different colors mixed in mason jars in my craft room), but I just visited the Rit Dye website for the first time this week. Here are some fun things I found:

How-To's for all kinds of dying techniques, including Dying Wood and Wicker. This takes me back to those dyed, woven wicker baskets we made in 5th grade.
Rit Dye  6/29/11

Pantone Fashion Forceasts and color recipes.
Rit Dye  6/29/11

Recipes for over 500 colors using combinations of only a handful of basic dyes.
Rit Dye Color Guide 6/29/11

...psst...I think I'm going to dye my bridesmaid dresses using one of the recipes on this site...

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