Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July to those of you in the US!! I went to a cookout & played in a big kickball game today (so fun!) before heading in for work at the grocery store. I hope you guys got to watch some fireworks for me- I totally missed them all this year!

unrelated business news...
This weekend we finally ended a several months long struggle for consistent internet at my house. We'd tried buying a new wireless router, spent hours upon hours testing solutions, re-syncing passwords, changing settings, rebooting modems, trying different power sources and also spending lots of time on the phone and online with our ISP tech support. We had a tech guy come by on Sunday, so now all is fixed and running smoothly. (Yahoo!) It turns out that our modem was shot and we were having additional signal problems. I've got an overdue Independence Day WWWList for both guys and girls that I can't wait to finish up and share!

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