Dressing My Wedding Party

I'm focused on dressing my wedding party right now, since the wedding is only three months away. Here are some of the lovely things I've been looking at.

Beer Necktie by Cyberoptix Tie Lab
Dan has a good idea of what he wants the male members of the wedding party to wear, so he is going to pick. I've always loved this shop, so I'll throw it out there. If not, maybe a tie like this will go over with the fathers of the bride & groom instead?

My four bridesmaids will probably wear one of these two dresses (I need to make a decision!) with some handmade accessories that only exist in my mind right now. I think either of these will look quite pretty with my wedding dress! Remember the bridesmaid dress that didn't work out?

Belle and Beast in Rhodolite by Shabby Apple. (Color simulated by me in Photoshop.)

Lighthouse by Shabby Apple.

Mom told me to pick out something for her to wear, so I'm looking for a pretty, belted party pant-suit with a little sheen and flair. Sort of like this or like this. I tried to ask Dan what his mom wants to wear during the wedding or if she already has something, but of course he had no interest in that conversation. Guess us ladies will have to talk!

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