Back That Bridesmaid Dress Up

I've been looking for a simple knee length cotton bridesmaid dress in calico floral fabric (with tiny repeating flowers). Calico fabric reminds me of the worn-in quilts that my dad's mother made decades ago- the ones my brother and I would lounge around with while watching TV. And my mom has always loved piecing together calico quilts by hand. The fabric just relaxes me, and it feels like home.

I found this great dress on ModCloth in the cut and colors I had in mind for the wedding. It seemed to be a perfect match! So I ordered one for the bridesmaids to get an idea of sizing. Well, bunk.

I got the dress in the mail, tried it on myself, and it is WAY too short. Some of the bridesmaids are taller than me too, and next to a long wedding dress it would seem even worse. It's a cute dress to wear out for ice cream, but it's just not right for a more formal event. Boo.

So it's back to the drawing board on this one. But all is not lost- I got a cute weekend dress for myself out of it (although I will probably still need to wear some shorts or leggings underneath), and I'm going to use this dress as a color pallet to work from as we are planning other details of the wedding.

And for your viewing & listening pleasure this Monday morning:
Juvenile's Back That Thang Up


  1. This bridesmaid dress seems to be a perfect match for a wedding! But if the wedding is in spring or summer and you opted for an outdoor wedding, you still need some kind of material on the shoulders of the bridesmaids. Unfortunately, you can never predict the weather on these occasions!

  2. So true! We are going to be outside no matter what the weather does, so it's definitely something to think about!