Custom Rasta Hair Clips for Ace

Rasta Lotus Hair Clip

The Challenge: Create a set of custom hair clips for hip Oakland, CA blogger and photographer Ace ( She loves the Earthy Rasta feel and was looking for something bold but still wearable.

The Solution: I used muslin fabric, which is natural and undyed, with visible speckled imperfections in the cotton. I hand dyed it the 3 colors of the traditional Rastafari flag- green, gold and red. I used the fabric to make 3 different types of hair clips and incorporated beads from my local bead shop- Beadlush- including a brass glazed ceramic bead that I love. BTW- Ace loved them an they are on the way to Oakland as we speak!

Hand Dyed Bow

Rasta Flower Hairpin


  1. AH! Love these!!! Do I see a new product line about to emerge?