3 Hair Extension Trends, Untangled

You've probably these looks on the street but you may have been puzzled by what they were called, how they worked, or how to get the look on your own. Well, have no fear! I've untangled and broken down these bright hair trends so that you can try them yourself! I didn't include where to buy the products, but an easy google search will direct you to online shops, suppliers or salons in your area.

1. Bling Strands

Hair Bling_Bling Strands
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These are very thin shiny strands that are tied into hair intermittently. The strands are sometimes called "hair bling". They are made of poly Thai Silk (which I think is a fancy name for plastic) and can be washed, curled, straightened and styled along with your natural hair. When done right, the look is subtly striking. It looks like you are growing sparkling hairs right out of your own head!

There are many colors available, but If you have natural colored hair, I like the gold/silver/copper colors best. If your hair is already a bold color like blue or purple, then the sky's the limit! The look is surprisingly inexpensive to achieve and lasts for 2 weeks or more.

How Bling Strands Work:

2. Feather Extensions

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Feather extensions are long thin feathers from farmed roosters. The supply comes mostly from one particular source (but I'll get into that next week, see below***). The feathers are natural or dyed and are attached to several strands of hair with tube shaped micro-links (similar to crimp beads used in jewelry making). The look lasts several weeks or more. Alternatively, you can sew the feathers onto hair extension clips so that you can take them in and out on a whim.

This tutorial shows how to intall feather bundles, but I rather like the look of individual feathers placed sporadically, like the photo above.

***Here's a follow-up post I did about the trend where I discus some negative reactions and aspects of the Feather Extension trend: Feather Hair Extensions, There's more than meets the eye.***

How Hair Feathers Work:

3. Coontails

Coontail Trend
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I really hate the name, but I like the look. They are 1-2 inch wide sections of hair that have been dyed in a striped pattern resembling a racoon tail. You can make coontail extensions or directly dye coontails into your own hair. You can also find pre-made versions if you look hard enough. Coontails have been around for awhile and are most often categorized as "scene hair" worn by teens. They are usually seen paired with heavy eye makeup and loud, costumy clothing.

Even so, one or two extensions can be a wearable, fun variation to an everyday look if your coontails contain your dominant hair color and you keep your clothing low key.

How To Make Coontails:

Coontail Variation- Just for Fun
Learn how to dye a Cheetah Print directly into your hair.

What do you think? Have you tried any of these looks yourself? Would you be up for trying one of them out? Maybe for a special occasion? Are you open to hair extensions and color or to you prefer to always go natural?

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