A Cross Continental Journey

Charlotte to Budapest

Somewhere high above the Atlantic Ocean a passenger aircraft is heading northeast from Charlotte. Passengers on board are enjoying little silver bags of pretzels and an in-flight movie. Beneath the passengers is a large cargo hold space. Inside that chilly cargo hold space are several aluminum ULD containers and one contains postage bins filled with small packages. In one bin, under a pile of packages, hides one yellow padded envelope with a Customs Declaration, a Stitch Machine label and the name "DIANA" printed neatly on the front. Inside that envelope is a handwritten note and a handmade square box tied with moss green ribbon. Inside that handmade box is a darling Yellow Wildflower Cotton Bow sitting atop bright yellow tissue paper.

Soon the passenger plane will arrive in Europe and the ULD containers and passengers will unload. The yellow padded envelope will fall into the hands of Hungary's national mail service, Magyar Posta, and they'll deliver the little package to a flat in Budapest. And on the day it arrives, the winner of the Monkey and Squirrel blog giveaway will be able to read her note, unwrap her box, and wear her prize!

Budapest Package


  1. Awww that is soooo sweet of you!!! I love this post! What a great way to start my week with a beautiful post like this one:) I cant wait to wear this adorable bow:) Happy Monday. xo

  2. ohhhh, how i wish i was traveling with that little bow to some far off places :)

  3. Me too! I'd love to be visiting Budapest...someday!