South End Soul- Fashion & Hair Show

South End Soul Fashion Show 2011
More photos at QC After Dark. Above fashion & hair by Joey Hewell.

I crawled out of my creative cave Saturday night on a whim to meet up with Vanessa at the South End Soul Fashion & Hair Show. It was one of those nights where I would have been content just painting and sewing into the late hours but I finally figured- it's Saturday night- I should really get out of the house!

More photos at Enemy To Fashion

The fashion & hair show was stellar and I'm really glad I went. There was a buzz in the air as the crowd mingled in the parking lot between Dharma Lounge and Marigny waiting for the show it to start. There was a 5 ft. tall nice, long runway set up outside with seating all around, a DJ booth and video screens showing interviews with all five designers and/or shops. There were so many great local designers, shops and salons involved in the show ranging from seasoned professionals to new kids on the block.

South End Soul Fashion Show 2011
A silly photo of Vanessa and I at Dharma Lounge that night. More photos at Cute not Kawaii

The designer that really stood out for me was Joey Hewell- his show was cohesive and filled with drama. He designed all of the clothing and did the voluminous, almost sculptural hair for his models. I'd never heard of him before this night (even though he apparently does a fashion segment on the local news every Friday), but I'll surely remember his name now! I think he best captured the quirky, beautiful, multiethnic, rough-around-the-edges vibe of the growing art and fashion scene in Charlotte.

I scoured the internet this morning to find the fast, few photographers who had already posted photos from the show. I've linked to their photos throughout this post. Enjoy!

South End Soul Fashion Show 2011
Behind-the-scenes shots from Fenix Fotography
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*Photos of every look from the show are available for purchase at


  1. Great write up!

    Be sure to check out for shots of every design and designer.

    Ryan Sumner
    Creative Director
    Fenix Fotography
    Fenix Fotography

  2. Yes everyone, please do check out the link in the comment above for great looks from these fine folks:

    Luis Machicao & Groove Salon
    Cigi Guzman & Planet 21 Salon
    The Frock Shop & Theory Salon
    Niche Market & Cirrus Salon

    AND read about Luis Machicao here:

    Cigi Guzman here:

    & here: