Dear _________ ,

We've just welcomed a brand new baby into the family- so now I'm an aunt! The little crying, spitting up, confused, beautiful bundle of love arrived Monday morning, and it's been nutty around here since then! We've got family in town- people sleeping in the sewing room, family in our bedroom, kitties driving us crazy while we're trying to sleep in the living room, furniture astray. I love it! Any variation from the normal day-to-day is always exciting to me!

So bear with me dear reader...I've got posts coming very soon. I'll update you on how my plastic bag stash buster project is going, show you some photos from a local shoot where some Stitch Machine goods were worn, and maybe even throw in a WWWList.

Well, I'm going to go visit my new niece now, but we'll catch up very soon!


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