Current Obsession: Avant Garland

Vintage Repro Fabric Bomber

What caught my eye about Avant Garland and her business Eclectic Circle at the All Arts Market a few weeks ago was how everything she was selling had a cohesive, fun & quirky vibe. Everything was well made. It was evident by taking a glance at her table that there had been hours of work behind it all. I loved the furry bomber hats and shurgs. She also had an array of laser cut jewelry and scarves made from repurposed t-shirts. Like me, she was offering to fill custom orders placed at the craft fair before December 25th, which meant she would be sewing, packaging and shipping with just a few days turnaround time. Mad respect for that. Avant Garland is one to watch!

Birdcage Bomber

Furry Shrug

All Photos property of Avant Garland/Eclectic Circle and taken by Caine Dalke Photography.


  1. I shot the pictures for these bomber hats and ended up with one myself! They're really well made with a warm polar fleece lining for the top of your head. Mine has an awesome gray and black cityscape print fabric with black around the bottom and a black fuzzy inner layer. Just wanted to give some props to Avant Garland! I like my hat haha!

  2. It's easy to see why everyone loves them! And Austin- your shots capture the essence of her goods so well! The models are great!