Best of the Beehive

I wanted to show a tutorial on how to style an authentic beehive, but after a lot of searching I didn't find a good one. So I'll just show some great beehives instead. There are modern versions, but none I've seen compare to the awesomeness of the 1960s-1980s styles.

Presenting the Fabulous Beehive
The Ronettes, early 1960's

Beehive Bio
The Beehive was created by Margaret Vinci Heldt of Elmhurst, Illinois in the late 1950s after a magazine challenge to create something new. She was inspired by a box hat to create a hairstyle with height and volume. The style became well-known in the early 60's because it took the volume of the popular pompador and bouffant one step further and women loved the height it added to their stature. By the late 60's the beehive was no longer fashionable and became known as a symbol of decadence and falsehood. But even so, the style remains memorable and influential today!
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Basic Beehive, 1960's

Futuristic Beehive
Yeoman Janice Rand, Star Trek: The Original Series, , late 1960's

Sexy Beehive
Brigitte Bardot, 1960's

Workin' Beehive
Flo from the TV show Alice, 1970's

Campy Revival Beehive
The 1980's band with a cult following, The B-52s, named their band after the 60's hairstyle. The style was named this because it resembled the rounded, pointed nose of the B-52 bomber plane.

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