The Perfect Wedding Doesn't Exist

(But a beautiful, fabulous, wonderful imperfect wedding can exist...if you give your plans room to breathe.)

I'm going to let you in on a little secret that no one in the wedding industry wants you to know: the perfect wedding doesn't exist.


It's true. I've seen a lot of people chasing some elusive dream wedding that is just around the next corner (or may not really exist at all). Nothing ever seems good enough. For example, many hunt for that magical feeling that comes from finding THE perfect wedding dress. Some try on dress after dress looking for that idealistic feeling that never comes and eventually leave in tears, unfulfilled by the whole process. Something is wrong here. Fulfillment doesn't come from white fabric stitched together. It comes from accepting that any dress that looks great on you will fit the bill (even if you don't feel stardust and fireworks when you try it on). The dress is only one small piece of the puzzle.

It's too stressful to feel that the success of your wedding hangs in the balance with every tiny decision. It is unrealistic to think that one wrong step could ruin the whole thing. That's when the bridezillas come out. And no one was to see that.

(Listen to the Soundboard Clip I made here.)

The truth is, in the end, your wedding is going to be wonderful no matter what small decisions you make. All of the choices you make about color, cake, venue, dress and yes, even hair accessories will be fine in the end. If you've got the right guy/girl, the event is going to be great because you are celebrating love, and your friends and family will be there. That's all that really matters! Things will happen beyond your control (like rain) and you may have to adjust your plans. It may not be "perfect", but what in life really is? Instead of anticipating disappointment, why not keep an open mind and anticipate a fun, fabulous event no matter what?

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  1. So true, we took the no-stress approach to our wedding and really compromised on a lot of things that, in the end, just didn't matter. We DIYed almost everything, which just made us even more proud to have actually pulled it off.