Weekend Wear Wish List

I'll be selling at two craft fairs this weekend, so I need and outfit that is warm, utilitarian, and comfy since there is a lot of set-up, driving, and walking involved. I'll be traveling to chilly Asheville for one craft fair, and I might be set up outside for the Coffee & Creativity event.

So here are my picks for the weekend, pictured counterclockwise from top left:

Cocoon Sweater Tunic from Design By Nihan

Leather Free Stow All Pocket Belt by Consciously Altered
This would be great as a money bank pouch, since I am constantly bouncing around at craft fairs. It would be nice not to have to worry about where my money bank is.

Raleigh Denim Women's Jeans
You'll probably have to visit one of the many stores that carries the line- I couldn't find them for sale online anywhere. Photo from Watch this video about Raleigh Denim made by UNC TV.

Olive Vegan Wrap Boots from Toms
Flats are a must for a grueling weekend of craft fairs, and these look so comfortable. And they are vegan to boot (heh). Plus, Tom's matches each sale with a pair of shoes for a child in need.

Simpla Gunmetal Filigree Earrings by Musette Made

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  1. that belt is fabulous... i may just need it too :)