Getting ready for a 1960's Cocktail Party

I found lots of tutorials and inspiration online as I was getting ready for a Crown Town Handmade 1960's themed cocktail party last week, so I thought I'd share the links to help you get that 60's look yourself! Photos from the party to be revealed later!

Buy this 1960's Vintage Cocktail Dress Pattern.


Nikki from Not Made in China also had a great teasing tip she got from her salon: "When you're teasing hair for volume, only tease with a downward motion. So hold a chunk of hair up, tease down toward head, pull comb out and then start from the top again. If you make the mistake of teasing both up and down, you're just undoing everything and it's hard to get volume." Amazing!

1960's Mod MakeUp
60's Starlet
How To Do 1960's MakeUp

Have fun!

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