5 Stitch Machine Resolutions for 2010
The New Year is the time to make some resolutions for what you can do better. Here are 5 resolutions for my business:

1. Increase production.
I love designing. I love selling. I love marketing. Production is something I have to do. But it is a cornerstone of my business- it can’t survive if I don’t have things to sell. I am setting a goal of making $200 worth of inventory per week.

2. Interact more with facebook/twitter/myspace friends.
Talking to everyone is fun- I just need to do it more often.

3. List items more often on Etsy.
It is pretty well-known among Etsians that the more often you list items for sale on Etsy, the more you are seen, and theoretically, the more you sell. I will finish listing all items I currently have in my inventory, then set a goal for listing items each week.

4. Take photos of people wearing SM hair clips and knits.
This first requires me to buy a better camera. Then I will need to find volunteers to model my goods. I’ll need to scout for locations and take the photos. Photography is something I enjoy, so I am excited.

5. Offer more variety in hair clip styles.
Everyone wears different things, so I need to have different clips available- french barettes, bobby pins, pinch clips, headbands, rubberband ponytail holders. I need to have options that are big & loud and also soft & subdued.

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