Choose the Colors for my 2010 Spring Line!

I really need your help choosing the colors for my new line! If you haven't noticed, I love bright, saturated colors, but there are so many to choose from! Please take a look at my color swatch and vote for your favorite group on the left side bar or leave a comment below. I'm really looking forward to incorporating some feathers and headbands this time around and I even want to try my hand at some homemade buttons, but I'm not sure what colors of supplies to order yet! Please help me out, I want to hear your opinion!

<-----VOTE to the left. Here's the Color Swatch:


  1. What a tough choice! Just when I think I've made up my mind, I change it!

  2. Jenna-

    Thanks for taking a second to look at the colors!! It helps so much!

  3. That was a tough choice - I like them all!