Back from Holiday Break

I'm back from a short holiday break and still recovering from holiday craft fairs (still have stuff to unpack, things to add to my online shop, and a little bookkeeping to catch up on). I worked a lot at my part time job over the holiday, but luckily my boyfriend and I got to drive back to my hometown and visit my family for 2 days. There was a great game of "dirty santa" (where you steal presents from your family), a big breakfast, and plenty of hot cider! It was wonderful!

I have a few bits and bobbles to catch you up on, so here is a list:

* Rock & Shop Market was held on December 19th, during the one snowy weekend in North Carolina this year. I came close to canceling because of the icy roads I'd have to drive through in Greensboro, but decided to be a trooper and go ahead. The roads were, in fact, pretty bad- I had to exit once and I almost went into a ditch! Anyhow, I made it to Raleigh and Rock & Shop was very cool. It was in All Saints Chapel, which has a wooden floor, so when then bands were playing upstairs it came through nicely. Coffee and tea was being served by Joe Van Gogh, and Merge Records was there selling records, books, and more.

* I wanted to mention that my goods are now being carried at the rad new store Sew Vicious Boutique in Neptune Beach, Florida (2225 Florida Blvd, 32266). I met the owner Jillian at a craft fair and she was super excited about the community crafting room she has in her store. See a video tour of Sew Vicious Boutique and a photo from the store below.

* I need your help choosing the colors for my spring line!! I'm going to post several color swatches on my blog this week and I invite you to vote on your favorite or leave a comment about what you'd like to see!

* I'm working on my New Year's Resolutions for Stitch Machine, and also my personal resolutions.

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