Nom Nom Nam! and a Perfect Cupcake

Two of my good friends (and newlyweds) Joey and McNeill are at the beginning of a year-long stay in Vietnam where they will be teaching English. McNeill is keeping a blog of her observations and experiences called Nom Nom Nam!. Check it out! They are two really funny people with unique observations, so the blog should be interesting for anyone to follow (not just friends and family). I created a banner for their blog, and they gave me a shout-out today :) Speaking of shout-outs, I've got one of my own. (That's called a segue.)

Last night I was presented with this perfect cupcake:

I could barely take the photo before I took a huge bite! It's an Irish Car Bomb cupcake and it tasted even more delectable than it looked! It was given to me by one of my customers named Jenna (who also went to my college). It had a yummy Baileys Irish Cream inspired frosting, with a rich full Guinness-like cake body and a yummy chocolaty center with a bite! Delicious!! Her business is called Pin-Up Cupcakes. You can get a dozen Irish Car Bomb cupcakes for somewhere in the neighborhood of $25. You know you want these babies in your hands when you show up for that dirty santa holiday party this year! Get some by emailing jenna.pinupcupcakes@gmail.com or by finding her on Facebook.

Alright, I'm off to paint a belt buckle that will be part of a fundraiser for The Big Crafty. I hope to post a photo later this week.

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