A Secret Mission with Inspirational Robots

I met with a group of ladies on Thursday to discuss a top secret mission! I can't wait to let the cat out of the bag, because it's gonna be awesome! I'm not allowed to say what we're doing, but I can reveal the people involved. Check out their shops:


Right after the meeting I went to see Captured! By Robots play at the Milestone. It was just hilarious! A band of actual robots actually playing music- what's not to love?

There is one human singer and guitar player, JBOT, who was captured, tortured and forced to tour in chains with his guts hanging out. C!BR tours sometimes have themes, and the current tour is a Get Motivated Seminar. A deviation from their normal metal set, all of these songs are about doing your best and being #1. There are covers of Eye of the Tiger, You're the Best and Beautiful Day, to name a few. As ridiculous as it seems, it is actually very inspiring and leaves everyone with a happy feeling. The tour is only half over, so there is still time to catch them in Georgia, Florida, and beyond...

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