I'm the Newest Member of the Etsy Treasury Team!

I'd like to announce that as of today I have officially joined the Etsy Treasury Team! Exciting! For the past two weeks I have been participating in a trial membership period where I made treasuries, viewed many member treasuries, and got to know the team through chats and shop critiques. I am excited (and lucky) to now be a member of this active team on Etsy. Look for posts in the future about team projects and check out the team blog.

Find out how to make a treasury here.

Also- hope you like my new 3 column blog layout! Thanks to Cute Designs for help with the code that made it happen!


  1. Welcome to the team! I'm hoping it brings you lots of exposure, learning, friends and fun.

  2. Welcome to etteam! You'll find the list of all the other members blogs and twitters over here on our etteam blog