Two Nice Things that have come into my world

This is my new best friend:

I got this record player for free when a library was cleaning out their old equipment. It needs a little work, but it plays most records just fine. I played the only 3 records I had nonstop for a few weeks (Best of Blondie, Santana- Abraxus, and Diana Ross and the Supremes- Let the Sunshine In). Luckily I went to Lunchbox Records this weekend and added 3 more to the collection: Minutemen- The Punch Line, M.I.A.- Kala, and Black Flag- Damaged.

I received my order from Felt-o-rama yesterday in the mail. A stack of 28 colors of recycled felt made from plastic bottles. Most of the colors here are not available in regular stores, so i am pumped. I can't wait to get started on some new button snap clips.

I heard about Felt-o-rama, a Charlotte small business, in a neat word-of-mouth way. The owner, April, was in a local store and saw my friend Megan wearing one of my older felt hair clips with pink and red star-bursts. She asked Megan if she got it on Etsy, because April thought she had seen it there (hair clip recognition, yeah!). Anyway, Megan told April about Stitch Machine; April told Megan about Felt-o-rama, and voilá! If you like felt, check out April's site- it's pretty neat.

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