Happy 100th Post Day!!
It's my 100th post today (well, actually post 101, but who's counting?). Here's to many more. See my celebratory arrangements:

This weekend I walked around Plaza-Midwood's "The Crawl" with a friend (in Charlotte). They have started allowing artists to set up tables on Central Ave. during the crawl, and the best part is, it is free for artists to set up. Wow! I ran into some familiar faces- Brandi Strickland, an artist I went to school with. She was handing out flyers for her new site paper whistle. It's super cool. I also saw the Real Betty folks. Another Charlotte artist/crafter that I hadn't seen before was Monkey and Squirrel. Really cool refinished iron statues, hair stuff, art, and more.

Alright time for work, see ya!

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