Indie Craft Experience was a good 'ol time

I just returned from Indie Craft Experience around midnight last night. It was an amazing (exhausting!) experience, and meeting tons of full time crafters really showed me what crafting "at the next level" can be like. (I learned a lot about the good, the bad, and the ugly of a career in crafting.)

I met lots and lots of shoppers. There were several people from North Carolina that came through, and one couple who had visited Asheville recently remembered seeing my stuff at HoneyPot! Yes! I've posted some preliminary photos below, but I have tons more- look for a slideshow with music here in the next couple of days.

Here I am hanging out at the Sublime Stitching tent. Jenny Hart was at a different show that day, but I still got to meet two mainstays of the Sublime Stitching team- Jessica, the media gal (above), and Jordan, the shipping dude. I got a stitching kit with tattoo designs and black apple designs and a journal with embroidery on the front and back. I also got to geek-out with these lovely folks about the DIY movement and the ethical/unethical practices in the craft scene- so i was happy.

Here's my booth with Stitch Machine stuff and my artwork.

The craft fair was surrounded by buildings.

The show was near the CNN center and Coca-Cola museum.

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