Some Updates, Some New Restaurants

This week has been really hectitc! What's new? I've been working on a pile of button cluster pins to add to the online shop. I'm not there yet, but they will be posted soon.

I'm also working on crafting (no more designing, just making) more items from my spring/summer line so that I can bring them with me to The Big Crafty on July 12th. Between both of these projects, my goal is to have lots of pins (or brooches) for the Asheville folks to choose from. I'm really loving pins lately for some reason. I've been wearing the one I got from foundling, and my own button cluster pins like nobody's business.

Other random things: I'm about to apply to Craft Attack and Crafty Bastards. I'm hoping for the best! I'm going to ask my friend Brandi about how to go about having an artist booth at the next Plaza Midwood Krawl. One of my pieces of art- my Saying and Doing painting- will go up sometime in July at Greenhill Gallery in Greensboro as part of a show about the inauguration of brack obama. I'll let you know more when I know more.

NEW FOOD: If you are in Charlotte, you should go have a meal at CrĂȘpe Cellar in NoDa (just opened). It is just delightful! I had the spinach and mushroom buckweat crepe with goat cheese. Yum!! Another semi-new restaurant to try is: Soul Gastrolounge. We tried the bone marrow and sliders. I'd recommend going on a week night, because it gets super packed. Also, it feels more like a club than a restaurant, so don't plan on having any deep quiet conversation- just come ready to talk loud, laugh, and party.

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