Some work in progress

Lately, I've been making an effort to limit the craft talk in order to offer a better variety of interesting topics. But since I introduced my Valentine's Day Collection on my Etsy site last week, I thought I'd share some photos of those things in progress:

Here, I am cutting out the felt that frames the buttons. These will become button snap clips.

I made a drawing of a heart surrounded by arteries and veins, and carved it out of linoleum. The resulting print is what I based my Anatomical Heart cards on. Here, the carving is in beginning stages.

After I got the V-Day stuff online, I immediately began working on my spring/summer line. I don't want to say too much yet, but I will be incorporating some more luxurious fabrics in the designs, such as satin, taffeta, and silk.

One last thing- I found out yesterday that I will have the opportunity to teach a workshop for middle school students at a local college in February. This is for the STARTS program, which I have taught at for the last couple of summers. I will be teaching a session on oil painting. Exciting!

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