The Facebook Frontier, New designs:

After a few requests, I joined facebook yesterday. I tried to join as "Stitch Machine" but with no luck. Apparently you have to make a profile for yourself first, and then you can make a page with your business. If anyone has any tips about facebook marketing, please email me! Besides this new concept for me, it has been great fun connecting with high school friends again, if just to see what they have been doing in the six years since we graduated. Some of the guys have gotten more jacked, some have started their own businesses (like me), some of the girls have gotten advanced degrees, and some have travelled extensively. A pretty good group out of our public school if you ask me!

I have been furiously working on new designs for hairclips this week, and have been really happy with what I have so far...sneak peak tomorrow. I got the unfortunate news this week that my friend Carin is no longer able to continue her campaign to raise money for leukemia and run a half-marathon due to unforeseen circumstances (See March 21 blog post.) I would like to find a philanthropy to raise some money for, possibly one for multiple sclerosis. I am going to research a few in the upcoming weeks.

Other than this my studio is moving (along with me!), so I am in the middle of that process this week. The studio will be the last thing I move, since I need to work in it for as many days as I can until I have to put it in boxes!