One Hectic Week

Last week was all "Art Art Art" for me. It was great but stressful! The first part of the week was spent cutting and painting frames for a few pieces of art that would be displayed on Thursday (I cut all my frames with a hand saw in my apartment).

Once I got the frames ready, it was time for Girls Night Out at Canvas Monkey, where I met a lot of awesome artists and had a great time brainstorming and just shooting the breeze with them. We had delectable treats from Razz-Berry that tasted like dream-sickles with strawberries inside. Yum! I also worked up the nerve to present some of my hair clips to the guys at the gallery/gift shop and they said that they would like to have a batch to put in the store. Thats great news, and I am working on their batch right now.

Then that same night after getting a parking ticket, I hauled a bunch of paintings over to my alma mater, Queens University for their alumni art show "1937-2007." It doesn't go up until mid-April, but it should be good times.

I think it was Georgia O'Keffe that said "You should always have 3 shows worth of paintings framed and ready to go." I am going to try to work hard now to follow that advice so that I can spread the work out more evenly, instead of getting stressed to finish it all in one week like this week.