Where I Left Off

OK. It's been a busy week, and an even busier one is coming up. Back to where I left off: Everytime I Die at Tremont Music Hall was awesome! The band was on, the pits were great. At one point singer Keith Buckley coined a new term. He said to the crowd: "I just had an idea: This place has a lot of "PITential". Lets take Pit 1, Pit 2, Pit 3, and Pit 4 across the room and combine all of this PITential energy into one massive pit." And there was a massive pit to rival all pits and punches rained down from the rock gods. The photos I got that night were horrid, so these are the best ones.

Listen up Moms and Dads: this is what your children are being exposed to. Read this funny bathroom graffiti that I saw at the show. I got yelled at by a 13 year old to hurry up while I was grabbing this photo for you! I think if the guys in this band saw this they would be horrified. It starts out with someone bragging: "[band in question] stayed at my house last time they were in Charlotte. It was amazing!" You can see what plays out beyond that:

On another note, I have some exciting news about Stitch Machine: I am teaming up with Carin Baird and Eastern Pennsylvania's Team in Training to help raise funds for leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma research and patient services. Carin is my dear friend and is participating in The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training program. She formerly fronted a rock band (Kimosabe) and is very creative...but a runner? No. That is why this is so great. She is stretching herself for the cause and will be running a half-marathon to celebrate her fundraising efforts.

I will be making 30 hair clips for Carin to sell in Philadelphia, and $8 from every sale will go to her campaign. There will also be a way to buy from my site and have a portion of the proceeds go to help cancer patients, but we are still working out the details.
Please Donate to Carin Baird's campaign!

Other exciting news: I will be participating in the first ever "Ladies Night Out" at Canvas Monkey on March 27th! I will be one of the female artists that will meet and greet customers. So ladies, come on out!

Last thing- see my new hair clips and birth control brooch. Funny!

Now I am off to my parent's house for the weekend. No internet or email access for 3 days. Ahhh- Can I do it?