4th of July Flavor

Benji Hughes- July 4th 2012 at Snug Harbor, photo by Sarah Terry; Stitch Machine I hope you had a happy 4th of July! We went to a potluck with family and friends and later caught a free show at Snug Harbor. At the potluck we filled our bellies with deep fried mac & cheese balls, cheeseburger egg rolls, mini corn dogs, and Amy's home grown grilled squash. Dan and I got to Snug Harbor just in time to see RenElvis (Charlotte's own Philippino Elvis Impersonator) and Benji Hughes. They both killed it!  It was a great day off!

RenElvis at Snug Harbor on July 4th, 2012, photo by Sarah Terry; Stitch Machine.
RenElvis is one of the Queen City's beloved gems. He had so many moves I couldn't get a crisp shot!

  RenElvis- Little Star,  Buy the Album: RenElvis Merch

Benji Hughes- A Love Extreme, You will love this album.
Get Benji's album, A Love Extreme. I promise you'll dig it. Also, Benji and his band will be performing every Wednesday this month at Snug Harbor for free.


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