Unofficial Product Review: Kiss Nail Artist Kit

DIY nails- Red, Silver and Black,
Funky DIY Nails. Revlon Red is the base coat, with one swipe of China Glaze's silver "Swing Baby" in the corner, topped with dots and lines in Kiss Nail Artist Paint Black, and a clear topcoat. I found my vintage ring at Sleepy Poet.
Kiss Nail Artist Paint and Stencil Kit, Photo from:  See my unofficial review of this kit at
These Kiss Nail Artist kits have often intrigued me, but before dropping hard-earned money on every kit & color I wanted to find out if they were worth their dollar. I bought the kit below at the drug store to test them out. I'm still perfecting my dots and stripes, but these nail paints were fun to experiment with! I love the tiny brush, and the polish quality is chip resistant and opaque. I didn't find the nail stencils to be very helpful, but I'll try those again later. (I don't think I waited long enough for the base coat to dry before applying the stencil.) Anyhow, I would feel confident buying this nail art kit in other colors, and I probably will!


  1. Anonymous6/18/2012

    I have seen this in the drugstore but have always hesitated to buy. Thanks for your feedback/review!

  2. No problem Madalynne! Same here- I was afraid the polish might be really thin or would rub off easily, but neither was true. I want to try to make the stencils work, but honestly I like the look of freehand painting better!