My New Tool> Curved Upholstery Needle

tools,sewing,stitch machine,sarah terry,bows,hair,accessoriesAfter making countless hair bows this past year, I've identified one step in the construction that I really dread: hand sewing the back of the bow together before sewing on the snap clip. I would get piles of bows to this step, and then they would just sit and sit because I would put off sewing up the backs. Why do I dread it? Because there are many layers of fabric, a layer of felt and a knotted thread bunch under there, and I have to pass a needle point down, catch those layers, and pass the needle point right back up in one motion before pulling the thread through, without piercing through the front of the bow. Basically, it means that there is a ton of resistance and tension on the straight needle I use to do the job. I always have to muscle my way through it.

tools,sewing,stitch machine,sarah terry,bows,hair,accessories I got the idea that maybe a curved upholstery needle would make the job a bit easier. I had never used one though, and wasn't sure if it would work for what I was doing. And then I would get under pressure to finish that pile of bows I mentioned earlier, and I wouldn't want to run out to the store or change up my process with a deadline looming, so I would just muscle my way through it with a straight needle yet again.

tools,sewing,stitch machine,sarah terry,bows,hair,accessoriesWell, I FINALLY bought a pack of curved upholstery needles this week and gave one a try, and it worked like a charm! I am so excited that I can now use the curved needle to sew my bows without using my (huge) muscles. And it's much easier on my fingers too. Yeah!

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