Battle of the Virtual Nail Salons!

My two favorite nail polishes at the moment, OPI and China Glaze, both have a website feature where you can virtually "try on" shades before buying them. I'm not sure who copied who here, but both virtual nail salons are pretty fun to play with. Let's nerd-out and do an analysis of each company's web simulation, OK? In real life, both polishes are of equal high quality, so I'll determine the winner based purely on web functionality.

OPI Screen Shot
Scroll to the right and click the "try it on" tab on the far right right border of the website.

+ The shatter function is realistic, complex and cool. You can see what a shatter polish would look like on top of any shade. The shatter polish effect reminds me of the snakeskin trend.
+ Neither simulation does a great job depicting glitter on nails. But OPI makes up for that by allowing you to click on the bottle icon, where you can see an actual image of the bottle of glitter polish as you would see it on a store shelf.
+ Overall layout is more organized than China Glaze's simulation. There is an option to see all polishes OPI offers at once, which is a plus.

- A larger spectrum of skin tones is available here than on the China Glaze site, but to be realistic, the slider should include even darker skin tones.
- There is no direct url for the "Try It On" function, so it is hard for me to share this online. See how I had to describe exactly how to navigate to it above?

China Glaze Screen Shot
China Glaze

+ Allows you to simulate a longer nail length than the OPI site. Looooonger length in this simulation would be even more fun!
+ There is a direct url to this simulation, which makes it easy to share.
+ I personally like the position of the hand and nails better here.

-Unrelistic spectrum of skin tones.
-Overall layout is fine, but you have to page through the colors, which is a bit annoying. The dropdown feature, which lets you see the most current lines, is nice but I would rather see the new polishes more seamlessly integrated into the existing navigation.
-Again, glitter polishes aren't illustrated well, but on this webisite it is worse because the bottle image is not actually a photo of that particular shade in a bottle- it's just a bad glitter graphic superimposed onto a bottle. (See below.)

See the difference?

*****OPI***** gets the edge in this particular contest. OPI's virtual nail salon is more versitile and does a better job highlighting the product than China Glaze's virtual salon.

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