Current Obsession: Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham New York Times Logo
(Image is property of The New York Times.)

Bill Cunningham On The Street Spread for New York Times 11/20/11
2011 November 20th On The Street spread by Bill Cunningham. Hear the photographer's commentary. (Image is property of The New York Times.)

5 Reasons I'm Obsessed:
5.Bill Cunningham marches to the beat of his own drummer and approaches life with so much enthusiasm!

4. He is a former milliner (hat maker).

3. In a digital world, he still shoots with 35mm film.

2. He lets the street talk to him. New York Times doesn't say: "Hey Bill, find people wearing fall reds for us." Instead, he spends a ton of time on the street and when he begins to see a theme emerge, that's what the story becomes.

1. He is more fascinated with the fantastic things women and men are wearing in their daily lives than with celebrity fashion.

This Film will Inspire You:
Bill Cunningham New York

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