The Big Crafty was Great!

Stitch Machine & Verabelle at The Big Crafty Summer '11
See our water jug weights on our tent corners above? They worked like a dream. (The fire marshal did come around and inspect everyone's tent weights, as I expected.)

This is the first time I've requested an outside space at this event, and I'll definitely do it again. The three ladies selling closest to me yesterday were members of Crown Town Handmade, which made for a good time with friends! There were lots of other Crown Town members selling at the event this year too. The weather was nice and hot, with a few light showers sprinkled in. So good to see everyone in Asheville again and meet some new faces as well!

Stitch Machine at The Big Crafty Summer '11
I tried out some new packaging- white logo boxes that I've been designing and making. They seemed to go over well.

I can honestly say that this was all around the least stressed I've been while doing and prepping for a craft event. I must be getting more comfortable with the process, better at time management, and more realistic with my expectations about how many items I can physically make at one time. I've come a long way!

Verabelle at The Big Crafty Summer '11
Amanda tried out a new display idea- a natural stick clothes rack. She had to balance the weight out on the rack when things sold, but it worked out great!


  1. It was great to see you for.2 seconds! I'm still SO sorry that we didn't get to meet up after. I was POURING sweat after loading everything in the car and could focus on nothing but the shower calling my name! I meant to tell you when I stopped by that I LOVED the new boxes! I noticed them right away!

  2. No problem- yeah, in retrospect it was probably a bad plan to try to meet up after an exhausting & hot craft fair! We'll shoot for meeting up when I'm up there just for fun!

    Glad you liked the new packaging!

  3. i will have to repeat what katie said... great seeing you for 2 seconds :) remember how i said i would absolutely get outside to browse everything this year, welp that just didn't happen. i did a quick little lap around the inside and that was it. next year though, it's gonna happen!

    glad to hear that the outside spot worked well for you. i got worried when it rained at the beginning but then it seemed to be lovely for the rest of the day. yippy!

  4. Good to see you for a minute, Jenn, before I was whisked away by the crowd :)

    I'd really love to just shop sometime at that event and not work! All us Charlotte crafters should take a group trip up to shop at that cousin event of The Big Crafty- Big Love in May, since it's all Asheville vendors.

    I noticed that card processing cube you and some others were using...I am going to research it. How's it working for you?

  5. Cool! You have some nice stuffs in there.

    Nice blog too. Should come often.