Packing up for The Big Crafty!

Packing Up for The Big Crafty 7/7/11
I'm getting a jump start for The Big Crafty in Asheville this Sunday by loading my car now with the heavy stuff (tables, tent & tent weights). I'm sharing a booth with Amanda from Verabelle Vintage. We've been discussing tent weights, and between the two of us we've tried bricks and sandbags and they were both...ehhhh...heavy and a pain to handle. So this year we're going to try Gallon Water Jugs. Amanda's bringing four hook bungee cords, and the plan is to tie two gallons to each tent corner. I think it will be great!


  1. Yay! Hopefully I'll get a chance to run over and see you! I'm sharing a booth with Shannon from Early Girl and we'll be outside. Are you guys going to be outside too? I would warn you that this video scared me into using bricks! This is pack place a few weeks ago.

  2. Katie- yes, we'll be outside too, so be sure to stop by (or I'll stop by).

    Holy Cow, thanks for sharing that video! Definitely shows that not securing your tent well enough puts you in a really horrible situation and can be dangerous for everyone. (Not to mention that the fire marshall will probably shut your booth down- that happened to some folks last year).

    I saw in that video that some people had buckets filled with sand on each corner- it looked like that worked pretty well.

  3. Stop by! We'll be right around the corner from you right next to the door that leads to the inside vendors. That video scared the crap out of me when I saw it! I was at home that day and the wind here was NO JOKE (obviously.) I heard a lot of people lost merch that day too...mostly potters, I presume. Can you imagine? The weather is looking pretty good for tomorrow though! I saw that Brandy gave this post a shout out in the letter that went out to the vendors for how to weigh down your tents. The wind is supposed to be pretty mild so here's hoping for a great show! Are you going back home right after? I know I'm usually pretty wiped out, but if you wanted to grab something to eat after let me know!

  4. Katie-

    I'd definitely be up for getting a quick bite to eat after- something in walking distance of Pack Place would be great.

    Hope the weather is good like you say, and let's cross our fingers for no wind or rain!

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