Spring Runway Trend: Macramé

Christian Dior, Spring 2011 Ready To Wear

macramé: (noun) The art of knotting threads or cords into patterns without the use of tools; An ancient craft that saw a surge in popularity in the 1970's

If you've ever made a hemp bracelet or friendship bracelet, you were doing macramé. If your grandmother has her potted plants hanging from the ceiling by green, orange or beige knotted ropes, they are probably macramé.

After its heyday in the 70's, macramé has since had a reputation of being stodgy and old-fashioned. But this craft has always had two enduring qualities: loose movement and unlimited, intricate design possibilities. Updating macramé with slinky, modern textiles (instead of stiff cording) has made it a breezy look for spring 2011. With a revival of 70's style and nautical gear on the runways, several high fashion designers have taken the craft of macramé to the next level:

Jen Kao, Spring 2011 RTW

Malandrino, Spring 2011 RTW

Gucci, Spring 2011 RTW

Roberto Cavalli, Spring 2011 RTW

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