Question of the Week

The word vintage is a bit of a buzzword in fashion and home decor, and that's not changing anytime soon. I think people will always be fascinated with artifacts and pieces of life from days-gone-by. But is the term exploited or overused? Is there a difference between vintage and just plain old? Or just plain junk?

What qualifies something as vintage?


  1. Vintage is supposed to be the term for 50's to 60's...older but too young to be antique! I've seen vintage used to describe 80's items..definitely overused! Although, someday 80's will be considered vintage and 50's antique!

  2. When you get into the realm of fashion, the term gets a bit more fuzzy. Most 80's (and even early 90's) now seems to legitimately fall under the definition of Vintage. I think this is because fashion moves so fast and is so young. Modern fashion as we know it is less than 100 years old, so it's kinda hard to consider something 60 plus years old the start of historic value, particularly when designers draw so heavily from the past. I feel the term is OVERused. Big time. My personal definition of Vintage is an item of "value" over 20 years of age.