My Own Sad Etsy Boyfriend

Megan wrote:
"Hey Sarah, have you seen this? 20 Sad Etsy Boyfriends
So how long till Dan starts modeling your hair clips? :-)"

Well, I have a confession, Megan. I had Dan pose in a handmade crocheted beanie when I first started this blog. Want proof?

More Brutal Craft Humor
You may have seen these websites before, but I couldn't resist sharing them. I don't agree with everything (or maybe even anything) in the links below, but they are worth a laugh!

White Guys with Cornrows
Personally, I think people should wear whatever hairstyle they want. But this blog author doesn't agree.

WTF Etsy
Brutal shop reviews. The editor still has a heart and the goal is helping the seller improve his or her shop.

This website pokes fun at products on the Etsy website. I have a friend who had an item featured on Regretsy and it did wonders for her sales! Who knew?

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