WWWList: Anti-Valentine's Breakup

Why does it seem like breakups always happen at the worst time- like around the holidays, Valentines Day, or Birthdays? Holiday or not, breakups always suck. But on the plus side, it can be liberating to discover that the world is your oyster once again. And the idea of dating new people and knowing that anything could happen can push you to you get all-dolled-up like nothing else!

So here's an Anti-Valentine's WWWList dedicated to all of my recently single friends. Shake it off. Let's go dancing!

MASQ Black top with PVC detail

Vintage 1980's Ungaro Pencil Skirt

Vintage Acme Red Pink Cowgirl Boots

Black Lace Top

Aw, Screw It poster

Black Diamond Ring from

Glitter Mysterium Tunnels for Gauged Ears

Vintage Faux Pearl and Swarovski Necklace

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