The Real Deal: Fergie's Halftime Talons

For fashion inspiration, I usually like to look to designers and everyday people, not celebrities. But every once-in-awhile a celebrity wears something so bizarre and interesting on such a public platform that it can't be ignored. I am talking about the metallic talons that Fergie of Black Eyed Peas was wearing during the Superbowl Halftime Show last week. After the game I saw tons of blogs talking about how much they loved or hated the long finger accessories.

I didn't really care who loved or hated them. What I really wanted to know was:

1. Do these sparkly claws really exist?
(And could I buy them if I wanted to?)
2. Who made them?
3. How much do they cost?

After some digging I found the answers.

(Fergie at Halftime.

1. YES! They really do exist, and YES! They can be yours.
2. A company called nOir Jewelry makes the DC Comics Cat Woman Short Claw Ring in two colors. Also check out the Gotham City Ring.
3. The Cat Woman Claws are $150 each.

(P.S. You can thank me later...)

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