Current Obsession: Black Girl with Long Hair

Black Girl with Long Hair website

I came across this vibrant community of women celebrating natural hair while I was doing research for an artist interview. I love how the editor of Black Girl with Long Hair has created such a socially relevant (sometimes socially critical), thought provoking and fun community, all centered around hair! One of my favorite features is Style Icon, where different readers are profiled and share their own personal style and journey toward natural hair. I also love the Question of The Day.

Black and multi-racial women are so lucky to have the option to wear their hair in such a beautiful, healthy and versatile way: the way it grows naturally. It is frustrating that pop culture and families put pressure on black women to constantly relax and straighten their hair with chemicals (which costs a fortune and requires constant visits to the salon for upkeep- unlike natural styles which allow more freedom to DIY.) I am glad to see a website like this one with a community of women proving that the way you wear your hair is your own choice (whether natural or relaxed) and doesn't have to be dictated by antiquated social norms.

Editor's Note: Black Girl With Long hair mentioned my blog in response to this post. Check out editor Leila's words about my post, and the comments of BGLH readers.


  1. yes...this website is my current obsession also!

  2. Anonymous2/24/2011

    I love your blog! Thanks for featuring one of my favorite websites.

    Angie R.

  3. Helene2/24/2011


  4. Have you seen Chris Rock's doc "Good Hair"? Check it out, very enlightening.

  5. That's my fav blog and I'm glad they turned me on to your website! Yay

  6. This is one of my Fav blogs too! Thanks for checking it out!! I am also a sewing newbie so i'm glad to now add YOUR site to one of my fav's as well!!

  7. Thanks for popping over to check out my site and I hope you'll stop by again! Thanks for all the love, BGLH readers. Leila is so lucky to have you guys!