Switching to Cloth Towels

Jason wanted to save money, and Amy wanted to save the environment, so they stopped buying new paper towel rolls and bought one pack of shop towels instead. Now at the end of the week they throw the towels in the wash instead of dropping another $10 on paper. Genius!

Inspired by our friends Amy & Jason who switched to cloth towels in the kitchen over a year ago, we are going to try and make the switch now. Above is our last roll of paper towels, and once that's gone we'll be using the terry cloth towels below. It will take a little getting used to, but I hope we can keep it up and don't slide back to our old ways.

Editors' Update 2/20/11
Using the cloth towels is going great! We haven't spent any money on paper towels since we switched, and we don't plan to! Adjusting to them has not been a big deal at all, which kind of surprised me.

We keep a small rubbermaid type box in the kitchen and throw the dirty towels in there. When it gets full, we dump it in the washer and run the wash w/ hot water- usually once a week. I think they key is having a lot of them on hand so that you never run out!

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