Nail Trend- Prints

I saw a new nail product called Minx for the first time on the London based WAH nails website (Minx is only available to salons). They are basically printed images on nail polish strips that adhere to your natural (or acrylic) nails. The holographic ones are amazing!

When I was at the drug store recently and saw this black lace at-home version by Sally Hansen, I had to give them a try.

THE QUESTION: Can I get the foxy Minx look at home?

THE RESEARCH: The detail of the lace definitely made people take a second look, and even big macho men with seemingly no interest in nails would ask "Wait- how did you do that?" The nail strips take a long time to apply and they don't stay on too well- not even a full day for me. The first time I took a shower 3 of them washed right down the drain. If I try them again I am going to put a clear coat of nail polish on top. I even thought about using nail glue to adhere the strips to my nail, but I am not sure if that would work.

THE VERDICT: The at-home kits are fun for a same-day special event (and are around $7), but going to a salon to get the real deal is your best bet for a long lasting, professional look (For $30+). Here is a salon locator link to find out where you can get "Minxed" in your area.


  1. Amber Williams2/01/2011

    You should check out the new Shatter polish by OPI. It's black polish that you put over a color and then it cracks. So you get a cool 2 colored unique look!

  2. Whoa Amber... definitely going to try to find that! Black over silver would be great!!