Weekend Wear Wish List

While I was putting this together I was imagining a casual holiday party, and I was also thinking about my trip to Asheville, NC last weekend, where all of the women were wearing skirts, tights, and boots.

1930's Green Polka Dot Dress
I'd have to take some length off of the dress so that it would fall just past the knee. I'm not a fan of the ruffles at the bottom, but the collar, waist, and fabric are so fabulous that it would be worth it!

Cordi Crochet Tights

Wildflower Earrings

African Queen Gem Palissander Wood Bracelet

Doc Martens Mary Janes- T-strap and Wingtip Styling in Cocoa


  1. The earrings are adorable!

  2. Jessica-

    It was hard to choose just one set from Foundling. All of her work is so pretty!

  3. Ahh, all so cute! I like these weekend wishlists.

  4. These items are a perfect fit! thank you for including my bracelet in your weekend!