Light the Menorah...

Hanukkah began this year at sunset on Wednesday, December 1st. The celebration continues until nightfall on Thursday, December 9th. Here are some beautiful handmade gifts I found on Etsy to help celebrate. These pieces are from makers in New York and Israel. Enjoy!

Bronze Birds Chanukah Menorah

Judaic Note Cards

Make Your own Mezuzah Case + Sky Blue Millefiori Canes
A very cool project from Riki Arberman. She makes polymer clay millefiori canes that you can buy, cut, and bake to create your own clay beads and projects. Use them to make your own custom plate to affix to the Mezuzah Cases available in her shop. Neat!

Tefilat HaDerech, the Traveler's Prayer Car Decoration

Ancient Jewish Coin Ring

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