Everybody Loves a Trade

I just got home from Day 1 of the All Arts Market in Charlotte, and I wanted to share some TRADES I made that I am really excited about! A girl with a cute pink toboggan (a toboggan is what we call a warm hat [not a sled] here in the South) was looking in the pile of buttons I had for custom work and fell in love with this reddish button. She asked me if I would consider a trade for one of her mini handmade books. After seeing this cute little hand-bound "cherries" book I couldn't refuse!

The girl with the pink toboggan just happened to be sharing her table with Krista, who has guest blogged here. When I saw the bold holiday cards she made, I asked if she wanted to do a trade also. So now I have these lovelies. They are so crisp and fun that I don't know if I'll be able to give them away this year!

I was really impressed with what the makers had to offer today- I think everyone has really stepped up their game this year! Day 2 of the All Arts Market is tomorrow in Charlotte at Neighborhood Theatre from 6-10 pm.


  1. Anonymous12/16/2010

    Oh wow! This is the "girl with a cute pink toboggan" (my names Lela).
    Here is my website:

    I really do love that button.

  2. Lela...Your "We have a voice" work is amazing. I love how you bring elements of quilting into your art & tell the stories of your relatives. Thanks for sharing the link!